• I never really love getting dressed up for holidays, but there's something about The Fourth of July that just gets me in the spirit. Putting together a killer outfit by mixing and matching your favorite reds, whites and blues is not always an easy feat. So, we've laid out some Fourth of July insp... View Post
  • The Denim Skirt Revival

    Many people still think that the denim skirt is passé, boy are they wrong. I know this style will take you back to your middle school dance days, but some of our favorite designers consider it the "it look" at the moment. We have received some awesome denim skirts both short and knee length, but ... View Post
  •  Listen ladies, I know that a heat wave has been hitting real hard lately and sometimes it can be difficult to think of what to wear around town but I think I've found the solution: overalls. We recently got in the most perfect short overall to get you through a heat scorching day. These army gre... View Post